produktos 002
produktos 002

grønne kaffe bønner

110 kr 100 kr / 1000gr.

Luis Castellano

Kaffe fra Luis Castellano.

short profile
overall number of plants: 1000
Attitude: 1500 m
Planting coffee since: 2008

Details to farm and family
Who`s living on the farm?

Luis and his wife Mercedes Flores are living on the farm. Their two sons are studying in the city.
If Luis and his wife needs help for the crop, then they look for help.

details to the coffee plants?

overall number plants: 1000 plants
plants in production: 1000 plants
age of the plants (production): 5 years
young plants: 1000 in the pipeline (Tipica Mejorada)
age of the young plants: /
varities: red Caturra, some yellow Caturra
speciality: the five year old plants are the first time in a high production. There is no Roja.

Shadetrees and soil
A lot of shadetrees, maybe a little bit too much (slow growth), a lot of fog, good organisation.

Good soil, a lot of biomass, but also a lot of weed. Terrain: flat to steep-sided hillside.

The finca was bought 10 years ago. Until this time the former owner had planted Cabuya on the farm. Luis had worked before he become a coffee farmer in marble mining. His dad helped him to built the house on the farm. Since he owned the farm, he`s a member of AACRI.

The farm is many fold, they have pigs and cows. They planted bananas, naranjilla and other plants. For coffee and bananas they use 1 ha. The whole size of the farm is 2 ha.


Grønne kaffe bønner fra Ecuador.  Single origin.  ‘Castallano’.

Dyrket/opdrættet/fremstillet efter reglerne om økologisk produktion.


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